SunWest Announces Hawaii Service, Begins ETOPS Certification

SunWest Announces Hawaii Service, Begins ETOPS Certification

  • Andrew De Forest
  • Press Releases
  • Mar 14, 2019
SunWest Announces Hawaii Service, Begins ETOPS Certification

SunWest Airlines has announced it's intentions to begin operating flights to Hawaii. This comes after the carrier submitted an application to the Federal Aviation Administration, requesting authorization for Extended-range Twin-engine Operational Performance Standards flights, otherwise known as ETOPS. The process, which involves rigorous evaluations of the airline's procedures and aircraft, is expected to take a little under a year to complete.

"The launch of our ETOPS certification represents a new milestone for us," said CEO Andrew De Forest. "We are a constantly asking ourselves how we can serve our customers better, and the subject of Hawaii always seems to comes up."

The ETOPS certification process, which is required for overwater flights further than 60 minutes from the nearest diversion point, will begin with the FAA evaluating SunWest's manuals and training policies. While there is no specific timeline in place, the airline hopes to have to complete ETOPS certification within the next 8 months.

"ETOPS certification represents the type of challenge we're ready to meet head on," commented Director of Flight Safety, Glenn Reed. "We are confident in our ability to gain regulatory approval in a minimal amount of time."

No route announcements have been made at this time.

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