SunWest Cargo

Cargo Operations

An extensive passenger network combined with a fleet of dedicated cargo aircraft has transformed SunWest Cargo into one of the most flexible freight carriers in North America. When speed, service, and reliability matter, SunWest Cargo is the right choice for your shipping needs!

Dedicated Cargo Service

SunWest's fleet of dedicated cargo aircraft enhance our customer's capabilities within our route network, as well as far beyond. Built atop the incredibly efficient and reliable B737 platform, the B737-800BCF can carry up to 23 tonnes of revenue payload between nearly any two points in North America.

A shared commonality with SunWest's passenger fleet reduces logistics and maintenance costs, leading to a more affordable shipping experience.


The 737-800BCF is capable of transporting up to 23.9t of cargo. The volume limit payload capacity of the aircraft is 20.76t. The main deck offers 141.5m³ of cargo space, while the lower deck provides 43.7m³ of space for bulk cargo.

The aircraft features a large cargo door, a cargo handling system and seating for up to four non-flying staff or passengers.

The freighter has the capacity for 12 pallet positions that can accommodate 11 standard 88in x 125in pallets and one 88in x 62in contoured pallet.

(11) 88 in x 125 in x 82 in Container at 440 cu. ft
(11) 88 in x 108 in x 82 in Pallet at 380 cu. ft.
(10) 96 in x 125 in x 82 in Container at 440 cu. ft.
(1) 61.5 in x 60.4 in x 71.0 in Pallets at 153 cu. ft.
Fwd Cargo Compartment 660 ft³ / Aft Cargo Compartment 883 ft³

Essential Cargo Service

SunWest's is proud to provide essential cargo service throughout the North Pacific and Polynesia. From Honolulu, crucial mail and freight is delivered multiple times a week to Majuro Atoll (MAJ), Kwajalein Atoll (KWA), Kosrae Island (KSA), and Guam (GUM).

The important nature of our essential cargo service is a responsibility we don't take lightly. These remote communities rely on SunWest keep them connected, and when it matters, SunWest delivers!